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Kiss Justin Bieber Kiss Justin Bieber

Justin is trying to enjoy a peaceful day fishing on his yacht with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, since he is such a popular celebrity, the paparazzi are always trying to take pictures of him. Your job is to allow Justin to enjoy his date by getting rid of the pesky paparazzi!

Justin Bieber Jigsaw 1 Justin Bieber Jigsaw 1

If you love looking at pictures of Justin Bieber, you'll love this jigsaw puzzle. If you want to see a hot picture of Justin wearing white and performing on stage, you first need to put the puzzle pieces in order. Your prize for completing the puzzle will be a sexy Bieber picture!

Justin Bieber Jigsaw 2 Justin Bieber Jigsaw 2

One of the reasons that Justin Bieber has so many fans across the globe is because he interacts with them. Whether he's signing autographs or performing on stage, Justin knows how to connect with his fans. Enjoy putting together this puzzle with a picture of Justin performing amidst his fans.

Justin Bieber Trivia Challenge Justin Bieber Trivia Challenge

Are you a huge Justin Bieber fan? Do you download each song he releases as soon as it hits iTunes? You can prove that you're the ultimate fan by playing the Justin Bieber Trivia Challenge. This game will test just how much you actually know about this incredible teen sensation.

Justin Bieber Dress Up 1 Justin Bieber Dress Up 1

In addition to his amazing voice, Justin Bieber has an incredible sense of fashion. Although not everyone can pull off his looks, he always finds a way to make it work. In this fun game, you get to dress Justin exactly how you want him to look.

Justin Bieber Dress Up 2 Justin Bieber Dress Up 2

Although Justin already has his guitar picked out, he can't decide what he wants to wear. Bieber needs your help to put together an awesome outfit for him. You can choose the perfect shirt, pants, shoes, glasses and hat to make him look great while he's on stage.

Justin Bieber Dress Up 3 Justin Bieber Dress Up 3

Although many of his fans would love to see it, Justin can't go out on stage in just his underwear! Unfortunately, he can't figure out what he wants to wear. Fortunately, you can solve this problem for him by helping him decide. Try different clothes on Justin until you find the perfect combination for him to wear.

Justin Bieber Dress Up 4 Justin Bieber Dress Up 4

Have you ever wanted to see what Justin Bieber would look like with different eye or hair colors? With this fun game, now you can. Not only can you change the color of his eyes and hair, but you can also pick out the perfect shirt and accessories for him.